Multi-Step Problems

This page includes a variety of multi-step Numberless Word Problems.

MLK, Jr. Day of Service 02

Ca-Lishea served at the Houston Food Bank by putting together food boxes that go to senior citizens. Each box contains 26 meals. The boxes are loaded onto 22 pallets that each hold 45 boxes. How many meals did Ca-Lishea help put together?

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch sold 4 pumpkins to Jeremiah. Then they sold 3 pumpkins to Erin. Next they sold 6 pumpkins to Etta. How many pumpkins did the pumpkin patch sell in all? 

Pumpkin Seeds

Caleb scooped out 4 pumpkin seeds. Harlow scooped out 3 pumpkin seeds. Leah scooped out 7 pumpkin seeds. How many pumpkin seeds did the friends scoop out altogether?

2016 Pumpkin Contest 04

Cindy Tobeck won the 2016 Safeway Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay. The runner-up weighed 1,723 pounds. Her winning pumpkin was 183 pounds heavier than the runner-up. Mrs. Tobeck was paid $6 per pound in prize money. How much prize money did she receive for her winning pumpkin?

2017 Pumpkin Contest 02

Joe Holland won the 2017 Safeway Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay. The winning pumpkin in 2016 weighed 1,910 pounds. Mr. Holland’s pumpkin was 453 pounds heavier. Mr. Holland earned $7 per pound in prize money. If the winning pumpkin in 2016 earned $6 per pound, how much more prize money did Mr. Holland earn?

2018 Pumpkin Contest 04

How much more did 1st place win than all the other prize money combined? (includes a table showing how much each place wins as prize money)