Equal Groups

For each type of Equal Groups problem, I’ve created a slide deck with 10 ready-to-customize Numberless Word Problems. If you want to edit the slides, all you have to do is download or make a copy of the slide deck.

More about Equal Groups problems

This problem type involves two kinds of situations (each of which is the inverse of the other):

  • equal groups are joined together into a total
  • a total is separated into equal groups

Equal Groups problems contain the following elements:

  • A number of equal groups
  • The quantity in each group
  • A total, usually called the product

While the action of separating a total into equal groups is often associated with the operation of division, division is not necessarily the operation needed to solve this kind of Equal Groups problem. If the number of equal groups or the quantity in each group is unknown, for example, then multiplication OR division may be successfully used to represent the situation and/or determine the unknown quantity.